Everyday Makeup Collection

As a way to downsize my collection, I have been using a old Birch-box to store my everyday makeup (or the days I usually wear it) so try and use up products that I have been meaning to use up. I wanted to do a last makeup related post of the month before I try…Read more Everyday Makeup Collection

Huge ass ColourPop Haul

It's December which means deadlines and busy retail life and constant stress... but also the end of the year and time to be with friends and family. I have been meaning to put this post up since October but life came at me followed by a cold/possible flu so I wasn't capable of doing anything.…Read more Huge ass ColourPop Haul

A round up haul of the Summer

Hello and welcome back! Well, I am back, from another absence. Here is a quick summary: I've been home for a couple of weeks to be with family after being unwell and stressed during my time in Norwich, I am going to Germany tomorrow with my brothers for a week (super excited!) which I am…Read more A round up haul of the Summer