Happy new year!

Hey guys! Apologies for being MIA again, I have been incredibly busy in the last month, with assignments and Christmas retail. I am currently sitting home alone watching some Youtube and backing up some photos onto my external hard drive from my camera. I’ll just do a quick summary on what the last month has been.

University terms, December was the period of deadlines. I had two 4,000 word essays to submit that were due on the same time and same day. Unfortunately, I started feeling the side effects of my medication during deadline week, so I had to use my extension for one of my essays. I completed one on time, but the other I had a week to plan, write, edit and submit. 10/10 would not go through that stress again. My last week at work before Christmas ended up being non-stop work and the days off were spent in the library – so as a result, I wrote 3000+ words and completed by essay on Wednesday and submitted on the following morning before I went to work.

New Years are always to do with looking back on the year, but honestly, I don’t want to do that. Yes, I have been on multiple holidays and explored new things that I will always appreciate and remember, but I am seriously banking on 2018 to being one of the biggest years of my life so far, from my final semester as a student to graduation (if I make it!). My final submission is also my dissertation hand in, 10 days before my 22nd birthday. That is in FIVE MONTHS. I hope things will go well from now to then.

I haven’t done a lot of things at home so far, it has been lazy and rightly so because I can relax for a bit. But the big news is that my website is live!!! I purchased my own domain and now email address for my website which acts as an online portfolio. Unfortunately, I am not content with the layout because it’s not me, if that makes sense. I will be using this blog website just to chit chat some random things, but won’t be using it as frequently, but to advertise my new website/hopefully business, this is where you can find me!!



I hope you guys have a wonderful new year, hope 2018 is great to you all, and that you achieve your goals and aspiration!!!

tamanna x


My perfume collection

Hey to whoever reads this, sorry I haven’t been writing for a while! Final year just swept over me, it’s already nearing the end of week 9! 2 more weeks to submit two 4000 word essays, and think about life after university *screams internally*. Anyway, in a couple of days, I will be in Milan! How crazy is that. My upcoming trip inspired me to write this post about my perfume collection. Continue reading


Jessops Flashgun Workshop

I went to London Oxford Street on the 1st October. It is now a couple of days before Halloween. I am clearly trying to write chronologically! Anyway, here are some of the photos from the Jessops Flashgun workshop, I really enjoyed it, I learned new skills and for the first time I am becoming comfortable with going off automatic mode. It’s still a huge learning curve!  Continue reading


Disneyland Paris in Pictures

Apologies for being MIA! I would say I was busy, but I honestly can’t remember what has been going on since my last post. I was meaning to write something when I went home for a few weeks at the end of August/half of September, but I felt emotionally drained. It was one of those ‘I want to write what’s on my mind, but with everything that was happening, my mind is being all fuzzy’. Nonetheless, I am back here, back in Norwich, my final year starts in 10 days! I am excited, nervous, sad that it is all ending soon. But before that, I started September with a getaway to Disneyland Paris with one of my bestfriends, Liza (she blogs every now and then so do check her out here). Continue reading

Quick visit to London

Ever since I have started university, gained some freedom, and made some friends, I have been going to London every summer. Last summer, I went to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in the theatre as part of their previews. I went home for over a week and before I headed back to Norwich to work for the summer, I visited London for a couple of days (one night) to see my friends and some family members – as one of my cousins lives in London and another had planned this trip to see her and her own friends (being Asian, you just have so many cousins that it’s just another useless word). Continue reading


Barcelona in Pictures

It’s been a while since I last posted! Life and university caught up with me, and I’m now in the final stretch of my second year of university (technically my third, with my foundation year, but second on my course!). As an early birthday and post-deadline celebration, I went to Barcelona for a few days last week, and it was absolutely beautiful. I noticed a lot of people have been travelling there this year, and rightly so, so if you ever need or want to go on a short or spontaneous getaway (on the basis that you live in Europe or near there), then Barcelona is the way to go! I turned 21 on Saturday 20th, I received wonderful gifts, also known as gifts that I asked for because I don’t fare well with surprises, and now I have reached revision season for two exams that do not start until June. It’s potentially the last exams I’ll ever take in education for now, but I hope it goes well as it will go towards my final degree. Without further ado, here are some pictures from Barcelona, shot on the Panasonic Lumix G7, 14-45mm lens (the standard lens that came with the camera). Continue reading