Ever since I have started university, gained some freedom, and made some friends, I have been going to London every summer. Last summer, I went to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in the theatre as part of their previews. I went home for over a week and before I headed back to Norwich to work for the summer, I visited London for a couple of days (one night) to see my friends and some family members – as one of my cousins lives in London and another had planned this trip to see her and her own friends (being Asian, you just have so many cousins that it’s just another useless word).

During this visit, I went to Old Street, Canary Wharf, Camden Market, Westfield (Stratford), and East Ham. Despite being longer, I prefer to take the coach to London rather than the train, mainly because it is a lot cheaper, and you get to drive past most of the landmarks so you have something to look at whilst on your travel. Therefore, I took the 8am bus from Leicester and stopped at Marble Arch, to catch the tube to Old Street. The next day, I took the bus from Victoria to travel back to Norwich – and this year, the megabus now stops at Stratford which is going to be so handy when visiting London from Norwich.

I went to Old Street with my friends, and we ate brunch and desserts here.

The Breakfast Club

Considering that I last ate at around 6.30am, this was a blessing in disguise. I actually couldn’t finish my meal because me and potato don’t mix well (too filling). I also prefer crepes, so eating American pancakes was also a challenge.


Next, we walked about and found a market (I honestly can’t remember what the name was but I’m torn between Old Street and Shoreditch…) but considering that it was mid-week and not exactly tourist season, it was quiet enough in London standards to just walk around and look at things from food to clothing. However, we were so full from brunch that we opted not to eat anymore food or buy anything – but we did say that it’ll be something to return to in the near future!


If you’re a professional procrastinator like I am, then you know Buzzfeed always have these cool videos about funky places. The day before I went to London, I saw a video of a chocolate shop (Dark Sugarsthat make ‘chocktails’ as well as making hot chocolates and just chocolates by itself. Essentially, if you love chocolate, then definitely check this place out! Again, I didn’t buy anything because I had no idea that I was going to bump into this shop (we actually found 2 whilst walking around, trying to find a new activity). But nonetheless, it’ll be a place I will revisit.


My last outing with my friends before I went to see my family was the Naked Dough. This was actually the place we centred my visit around – it’s in the tube station which was handy for all of us! The great thing is that you can get either a tub or a cone for the same price, £3.60, and honestly, I do think it’s worth it. It’s incredibly sweet so unless you have an extremely sweet tooth, you will be taking your sweet time eating it. I had the Nutella and Kinder Bueno cookie dough and the standard chocolate chip cookie dough. I couldn’t finish it, so when I went to see my cousins, my niece finished it for me.

Canary Wharf

I was meeting my family here because my cousin works here so we hung out in the Cafe Nero. But, I just wanted to take a photo whilst I was here – it was very dull/borderline raining, but it’s London!

Someone decided to eat a bit of my dosa…

For dinner, we went to eat at a South Indian restaurant, and like Leicester, it was cheap. It was filling and you couldn’t go wrong with it.

NYX Store in Westfield

A small non-related food image, but we did a bit of window shopping – bought some things from Lush for my cousin, bought a skirt on sale, but I took a photo of this wall of the soft matte lip creams in the NYX store that opened a few months ago. I own 5, 4 of them were gifts. But, I actually do want to start collecting them as cities that I’ve been to – I just hope they make a Barcelona shade if they haven’t already.

Camden Markets

On my last day before returning to Norwich, my cousin (see pic: on the right hand side) was keen to try these halloumi fries that she saw on Facebook. We went to get some and surprisingly, the only thing they sell is halloumi fries! It costs £6 but in a popular market you can’t expect anything less. They were really nice but my favourite part was actually the photo I took 😛

This was unintentionally a long post, but for now, July is going to be a travel-centric month with doing a round tour of Norwich, London, Leicester and Birmingham primarily. I’ll also be getting my second year results but not for a while. I’m just hoping that it’ll fly by and then August will just be a ghost town until I go home and then go to Disneyland Paris!!! Here’s hoping this Summer moves quickly.

Until next time, have a good day!

tamanna x


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