Hello and happy Easter break! For schools, it is the start of the 2 week break whereas I am halfway through my break. I came back to Leicester last week for two weeks for my cousin’s wedding as I am bridesmaid so it has been quite relaxing until I have to start doing my university work from Monday on-wards. Anyway, last year, I took part in the KAOS fashion show at my university (here) and modelled for New Look. This year, I modelled for Lady B Loves, a vintage clothing line in Norwich. We got our makeup done by makeup artists of Charlotte Tilbury and my look was the ‘dolce vita’ face chart, consisting of purple eyeshadow and eyeliner.

Unlike last year, Lady B Loves was the only line to have their hair done so it is in the vintage style of pin-up. The amount of hairspray and hair-grips used was endless – and trying to hold my thick hair was a pain too. Nonetheless, it was a really fun experience, especially wearing an outfit that was outside of my comfort zone so I hope to try out something new next year!

Inspired by Rosie the Riveter


This weekend, I will be going to Birmingham for the weekend for the wedding shenanigans, and I am going to be getting my makeup done by the Urban Decay counter once again, which I will share before I go back to university in late April. Until next time, have a wonderful day!

tamanna x

Charlotte Tilbury ‘dolce vita’ look

Lady B Loves website and outfit


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