I’m going to be generic and say ‘oh em gee can you believe that we are in the second half of January, where has the time gone???’ but it’s because I’ve only started the second week of university of the new semester. I just wanted to write a small post before I go to sleep since I will forget it.

As the internet knows, I have a pretty bad spending problem. I buy excessive makeup, skincare, haircare and even clothes I don’t need. Each year, I go through a spring clean but still find myself in the same position. Even though the last couple of posts have been to do with hauls such as ColourPop and my shopping trip, this post will be the times when I’ve just said ‘no, I don’t need this’. And this is what my new year is about for me: to be financially responsible. I guess it’s because I am a student and I receive a lot in my loans, as well as working between two jobs, that I feel like I can justify it all. But there will come a time especially in a year and a half that I won’t have those luxuries anymore, and in the long term, I screwed myself. I was inspired to write this post literally just five minutes ago, when I was buying a birthday present.

My cousin’s 16th birthday is coming up so I bought her the ZOEVA Eye brush set on Beauty Bay. Whilst I was shopping, I also had my eyes on the Cover FX custom cover drops, which would have brought my basket to £75. SEVENTY FIVE POUNDS FOR TWO ITEMS. It’s a lot, right? I had this basket on my screen the whole day from my seminar, through dinner, even when I was having a shower. I just kept it there, sitting and relaxing. By the time I came to the checkout, I just had doubts of do I really need this? Sure, I have a couple of foundations that aren’t the exact shades but I mix those two together. So why should I need to get another foundation? I was then trying to find something else to buy to, but nothing was appealing to me. So I removed it from my cart, and that was it.

I hope there will be more occasions where I look at items and go through the thought process on whether or not I want it, the MakeUpRehab subreddit has been really helpful to read when I want to make an impulse purchase. The last item I bought on an impulse was the ABH Modern Renaissance palette which is something I hope to share with my housemates as well. But at the moment with studying and working, I have two bags of clothes that are waiting to be donated, a box of makeup that I am going to donate to a women’s shelter (watch out for a future post on it) and I am trying to use up my makeup collection – I just finished my MAC Lipstick in Taupe (although I have another one *sighs*). I will keep you updated but for now, I am going to watch some YouTube videos and go to sleep early for my 9am start.

Makeup Rehab: https://www.reddit.com/r/MakeupRehab/

tamanna x


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