Hello and Happy New Year! I hope you all celebrated in a responsible fashion, this week has been my paid holiday off from work which feels strange but I still have one more essay to complete! Nonetheless, as a break, I went to Birmingham with one of my closest friends, Liza, and whilst she did not spend as crazily, I DID. So here are the items I bought!

To start off, I went to Victoria Secret. Now, there’s no real point in showing what I bought since it’s self-explanatory but I absolutely love Victoria Secret. As they had a sale going on, I couldn’t help but peep through, and they had a bra on sale as I refuse to spend a ridiculous amount on their bras, so in spontaneous fashion – I bought one! The other items I bought, which is what I always buy when I go to a VS store (there’s not one in either Leicester or Norwich), and that is their 5 for £25 underwear. Who doesn’t love comfy underwear??? When I made my first ever VS purchase, it used to be 5 for £20, so the value increased by £1. Nonetheless, they have a great selection!

Next, we went to Forever 21. Now, I fangirled a tad, because I have actually never been to a Forever 21 store and I have heard nothing but great things from everyone. This was in my list for things I needed to buy, since my coat zip has broken so I was in a search for a new coat for the upcoming freezing season of January-March. The coats were spread across the store, so I ended up picking up items that I did not need but still were safe purchases. I bought this jumper for £11, and it is so comfortable and work appropriate! I browsed around the sale items, and I saw a simple cardigan for £6. It was down to the last item of a coat, and I found a navy blue parka jacket for £27, which has the big pockets I love, and a damn hood.


Naturally, I went to Lush (get it, natural? bc Lush is natural? Idk…). I had a shopping list from a couple of family members but I also recommended some products for Liza to try out! So we got: Angels on Bare Skin (one of my all-time favourite products); Dark Angels; Breath of Fresh Air (my current toner); Outback Mate soap; Helping Hands; Skindrink; and Dream Cream. Hurray for staff discount!

Now now, what would my blog be without a bit of makeup? Honestly, I am going to be hella strict on myself especially during term time, but there is no KIKO store available near where I live, so I opted to get something in the Birmingham store.In her 2016 Best of Beauty video, Kathleen Lights talks about the KIKO extra sculpt volume mascara (not in waterproof), so I really wanted to try it. It was £8.90, which is affordable as a drugstore price! I look forward to using it once my current mascara (Maybelline Lash Sensational) runs out.


Finally, I went to the VANS store. My Vans that I bought during the boxing day sales last year, has decided to worn out on me by having a hole on the big toe (seriously, how did I do that???) so my socks are always peeping. Plus, they went through hell in the multiple rain storms we’ve had last year of 2016 – summarising the general mood of the year. I bought my pair of VANS for £38 in the sale, and I was also talked into buying the socks for £12. They better be a great investment.

Size 6 🙂

I had a wonderful day with my girl, and I hope there’s many more. But for now, I am going to enjoy my last week at being at home until I have to go back to Norwich for work and the start of term, and complete my final essay for the remainder of the week. Have a wonderful day!

tamanna x



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