Hello, and Happy Christmas! I hope everyone had a great day with your loved ones and your presents were everything you wanted and the food was delicious etc etc etc… I wanted to write this post before New Year’s and out of the way so I can go back to my priorities. Long story short: I couldn’t reach my deadlines and so I have extensions for the second week of January. Nonetheless, I have come with a game plan and hope to submit it way before then with time to edit it. Everyone knows the essay struggles, it just sucks that it had to hit me in the year that it counts towards my final grade.

2016 has been incredibly difficult. It has been one of the biggest challenges I have faced, similar to 2012 but this time, it felt so overwhelming and I have no idea why. It was the first real moment of being diagnosed with depression, a term that I have avoided using since college. I have been taking medication for almost six months now so hopefully once I’m confident enough, I can slowly go off of them (unless the doctors say otherwise). During that time, I have spent ridiculous amounts of money on my prescriptions (obviously they’re not impulse purchases or anything!). Despite that setback, I have the best support I can ever possibly receive from friends and family alike:

Primpad: my wonderful girls. It’s our last year as a full set before a few of them graduate and go onto bigger ventures and I couldn’t have survived this semester and the year without them. Each and every girl have taught me things in life that I was not aware of until now. Even with our ridiculous conversations, you all remind me the positive things in life. I love you all unconditionally, my family away from family and I hope our bond never diminishes in the future.

Work: Being back at Lush in April was a blessing! Not only was it my first job as a Christmas temp, but I got to know each and every one of my co-workers including those who have left for bigger things but still keep in contact every now and then, as well as the Christmas temps! The summer was incredibly stressful and tired us all but we conquered it and I know that if I am going through a bumpy ride, I will know who to go to and can trust you all.

My family: This year was the first time I properly opened up to my siblings and mum about everything that has happened with my mental health, and they have been nothing but my number one supporters. All those years of bickering are nothing but faded memories, and it’s being replaced by newfound memories and laughs.

Obviously, there are other groups of people but I didn’t want this to be a long ass post. There have been new places that I have been to and experienced more things: Germany, Harry Potter Studio Tour, and going to London to see the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play! 2017 have some future potentials, such as Paris and weddings! I honestly don’t know what my resolutions would be but it will probably be kept to a minimum and simple – putting myself first. It sounds silly but this semester made me realise how I have been trying to put everything else before my mental health and that led to my downfall.

What is next for me? Tomorrow, I am back in Norwich for a few days to work and then returning home for a couple of weeks for the winter break, and I get paid holiday! Looking forward to it. I’ll do a small post or however long my posts usually are before term starts again but until then, have a wonderful new year!

tamanna x


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