EDIT: I’ve been editing my page and completely forgot that I was supposed to show some swatches! I think what I’ll do in the meantime is create another post on my lipstick collection with swatches! 

It’s December which means deadlines and busy retail life and constant stress… but also the end of the year and time to be with friends and family. I have been meaning to put this post up since October but life came at me followed by a cold/possible flu so I wasn’t capable of doing anything. I still have loads of deadlines to be working on so take this as a dose of procrastination! I did two ColourPop orders as they have been doing a special time of free international delivery over $50: the first order I was not taxed, but the second time, I had to pay a customs charge. And I was going to do a lip swatch photos, but right now my lips are incredibly dry from this cold so I have not been wearing makeup that frequently. Anyway, here are the products I purchased in no particular order (which I will probably re-arrange for when I update this post with images)! edit: I did a final colourpop order just before Christmas which celebrated Kathleen’s favourites with a 20% off a selected range of items so I bought four more lip products 🙂 

To make things easy, I will start with the non-lip product related items. I bought an eyebrow pencil in the shade black n’ brown, because of how black my hair is but I will probably have to make it lighter since my hair is a lot lighter now. The other two products were cream gel eyeliners to replace the Maybelline Gel Liner for when it runs out, but I chose not to go for black but instead brown shades – in brew haha Mr Bing (collab with Kathleen Lights). I have worn both and they were really comfortable and didn’t transfer. Hopefully, they won’t dry out.

NOW ONTO THE LIPSTICKS. I already own Beeper from a previous shop in the Summer. For the lippie stix, I have: Taurus, Cookie, Brink, I Heart This, Bossy, LBB, and Grunge – all but Taurus were part of a value set of Staycation worth $25. I have two lip liners: Aquarius & Frick N’ Frack. The latter is probably one of my favourite shades.

I’ll begin with the value set of $15 which was part of the Fall edit, I chose the orange-terracotta shades of Up and Away: Calypso (satin), Love Bug, & Mama (matte). The rest of the lipsticks I purchased were:

MATTE: Bumble, Lumiere 2 (Kathleen Lights), Avenue, Dr. M, Guess, Mars, and Zipper

SATIN: Echo Park, Lyin’ King, The Rabbit, Frick N’ Frack, So Wavy, November (Kathleen Lights), Point Zero, (Kathleen Lights), Panda, and Magic Wand


Honestly, I would do a review but since they are so well known on the internet there is no point. But once my lips have healed and I am free of some responsibility, I will definitely post lip swatches so you can see how they look on my skin tone and how I would wear them! My final deadline is the 20th December but I hope to achieve it all before then, so until then, it’s back in my cute little hermit shell that is the library or my bedroom and off my blog! Have a great day everyone.

tamanna x


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