I haven’t written a post in almost a month! Again, life caught up and a lot has happened. So I decided to write a huge ass summary on everything that has happened in the last weeks since my last post.

This academic year, I have been getting into dancing more since I have always enjoyed it and it is a way to help boost my confidence and a great form of exercise (especially since it’s a group activity) so I joined two dance societies and performed for the annual Eid dinner albeit a month later of the actual festival. On top of that, I was the photographer and took videos for a hopeful upcoming semester montage for the society. It was quite stressful as I’m not a professional but it was great experience to get started on media outside my academia.

Long story short, university is going well. I am really enjoying my modules and right now, it is reading week so I am just relaxing and preparing for my next deadline which is a week tomorrow but it’s calm. Work is going well too, both Lush and the SU. However, I really did underestimate how busy it can be – handling two jobs whilst studying so it’s definitely something I won’t be doing in my final year. Nonetheless, it keeps me going. My mental health has been fluctuating but in this moment in time, it’s a good day hence the writing! I try to avoid expressing my negative emotions unless it’s at my absolute lowest and the whole ‘scream at the world via social media’ just sparks.

My makeup collection is going on and off too – I finish products and have been using up as many as I can (using two concealers up at the moment with one to spare!) but my lipstick collection and foundations just keep building which I really need to stop, it will probably be my New Year’s Resolution (besides the getting healthy thing that happens every year) but for now, I won’t be participating in the Black Friday or Boxing Day sales for sure. A key part of my makeup collection is that ColourPop have now introduced free international delivery over $50! I have already done one order a month ago, which was going to be a post but I kept delaying it as I really wanted to show swatches and I have another coming soon which was a lot bigger. Hopefully once that arrives, I will definitely do a huge post on my haul including lip swatches which is something I have never done before!

Another life-changing moment was my laptop. Initially, I was planning on buying the new MacBook Pro once it dropped, but with the Brexit effects and the not-so-fascinating features introduced, I realistically could not afford it. However, I coincidentally broke my laptop screen just before the announcement but I knew I needed the upgrade especially for film editing and better graphics (shooting my vlog in 4K was a bad idea) so I decided to get the HP Omen which is a gaming laptop but still works just as great for editing. I hope it sticks around forever!!! It was almost £2,000 cheaper than the MacBook I wanted and it has a greater memory so I’m pleased with that. I finally subscribed to the Adobe Creative Cloud so I have all of the apps at my calling especially Premiere Pro.

I also redesigned and changed my blog, again! Unlike the previous attempts of blogging in the past 5 years, I have stayed on the same website and just changed the names. This time it’s more personal and kind of has a better ring to it since I do talk about many things, the latest being my personal development.

2016 has been an incredibly strange year, not just politically but personally. I honestly thought it was going to be my year but the latter half has been a struggle with being diagnosed with depression and coming to terms with it, now 2017 and the remainder of this year needs to be focused on rebuilding and healing myself to be a better person and have a healthier mindset, because bad days do happen, it is just what I do to control the circumstances. Tomorrow, I am working and then going home for the weekend which I am really excited for! I have not been home since September after returning from Germany so it will be a nice break from Norwich and I look forward to eating cheap food again.

Hope this was a nice read and a break from my generic posts but again, sorry for the MIA! Unless something pops up, my next post will most likely be on my ColourPop haul. Have a lovely day/evening/night!

tamanna x


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