I said I would post this on Friday… It’s Friday but a week later. I got caught up in so much work (jobs and university!) and it’s taken over my schedule such that I lost some leisure time for myself and most importantly my friends. It’s been overwhelming so I hope after the end of this week, I will be able to get my shit together and try to be better. My cold isn’t getting any better and everyone at work has more or less been taking time off sick so it would be difficult if I were to do the same thing. Anyway, here are some images from our time in Munich (this time a month ago we would have been in Berlin!) – our main purpose of visit was to visit the Allianz Arena, and the rest was just winging it. 


Clearly, my blogging scheduling hasn’t worked. So I’m just going to write many drafts now as it’s my spare time and the end of the week so I can upload/edit them with pictures and links as well as updating previous posts when I have a few minutes to spare/procrastinating from university. I hope these images inspire you to visit Germany or anywhere for that matter – I look forward to my next holiday (whenever that is!).



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