Hello and welcome back! Well, I am back, from another absence. Here is a quick summary: I’ve been home for a couple of weeks to be with family after being unwell and stressed during my time in Norwich, I am going to Germany tomorrow with my brothers for a week (super excited!) which I am hoping to be vlogging my experiences and will be posting my photos once I return, and I bought things which is the main focus of this post. The last thing I want to do is get off blogging once again because I want a constant thing in my life. Without much further ado, here is my final summer haul.


Who would I be if I don’t buy makeup that often? I did do well in July but payday came and consumed me. My goal during university is to spend less on makeup of course. The two high end products I purchased were the Too Faced Primed and Poreless Primer (£24). Initially, I was way more interested in the HangeoveRX primer but I was so shiny that day that the sales assistant wasn’t having it. I have almost finished my Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser since trying to be cruelty free (gradually, not completely) so I’ll probably use this after I go through my L’Oreal primer which could take a while. The second product I bought was the bareMinerals Original Foundation (£26.50) in golden medium. Again, the oiliness got to me and I wanted to try out a powder foundation to reduce the greasy look without making me look cakey which is what usually happens if I powder my whole face (currently using the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder). I use my Real Techniques Multitask brush and it does last all day but obviously I’ll switch it up over the seasons.

As if most of this post wasn’t already an impulse buy, but I bought this cute makeup bag from Boots. From what I can tell, it is the largest makeup bag that I now currently own so it’ll be handy for when I travel since I do find myself splitting my makeup from their brushes. From Superdrug, Barry M was having a buy one get one half price, so I decided to buy two nail polishes from them. If I was loyal to anything, it would be BarryM and their nail polishes, I don’t really own any other brands. The two shades I bought were Supersonic (Speed Dry) and Copper Mine (Molten Metal), I am in love with the latter. If you are interested in a high end product but are nervous to spend the big price tag, then I do recommend checking out the dupe versions from the brand Makeup Revolution/Freedom Makeup. I bought the eyebrow pomade in Granite (£5) from Freedom and a blush palette in Sugar and Spice (£6) from Makeup Revolution. Can you see the prices?! I wasn’t into the brand MUA but I do speak positive about these affordable brands, and they are incredibly pigmented. As I have just got my face waxed in time for my holiday, my eyebrows are super clean so I’ve been wearing the pomade just by itself to give me the Instagram eyebrows ergo the fierce look. To accommodate the pomade, I bought the Eyelure eyebrow and spooly brush. Any brush like this is a must in a makeup collection.


OK… So I coloured my hair. Right now, it’s an ashy blonde balyage (didn’t think I would be an Asian blonde) but I am hoping to go silver because why not. To help maintain the colour/make it go lighter, I’ve had to invest in purple coloured silver shampoo. Naturally, I opted for Lush Daddy-O (100g) for my holiday but my hairdresser also recommended the Bleach London Silver Shampoo from Boots (£6). I have noticed my hair going lighter and besides the tone, my hair was expected to go dry so I bought a Coconut hair oil from Bodycare for 99p! Besides the price, my favourite part is the dispenser, because it controls the product so well.


They’re not exactly books but I bought them from Waterstones. I decided to join the anti-stress hype and purchased two colouring books and a small self-meditating book. I haven’t properly started the latter but I love my colouring books because they’re small and handy for when I feel like I need to keep myself distracted or as a way to multitask (I usually listen to podcasts when I am writing posts). I’m actually taking one with me on holiday because we are going to be taking a bus from Berlin to Munich which will take about 7 hours, so I hope to stay occupied during that travel!

I will be updating this post once I am back home in England to upload image companions but for now, I hope this is the first post of many after a drought and I hope you all have a wonderful day!



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