I haven’t posted in over a month? Huge apologies for that. I had ideas on what my next posts were going to be from my summer wishlist to my update to the No Buy July but things happened, and I lost the interest in virtually everything including blogging about the most random things ever. I am currently in my university’s Student Union where there are still people on campus which is nice and it’s my day off so instead of being holed up in a seven bedroom house, I thought it would be a great idea to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and keep myself occupied.

As I have been working for most of the summer, I am going home next week. As I mentioned, things happened which led me to go on a downturn spiral and ultimately got me to the homesick stage. I have been seeing the doctors about it and it’s been helping me too, but obviously I don’t want to go into too much since the internet is a happy place and stuff! So I am looking forward to going home, which is followed by the first ever sibling holiday with my brothers! We are going to Germany for a week, I am really excited about it and hopefully it’ll give me the chance to practice my vlogging/filming skills!

I’ve also found myself in a stalemate with my podcasts as well which sucks since I love listening to podcasts so hopefully on my three hour train journey home, I can cram in a couple of episodes of some of my podcast channels. I have been watching the Olympics lately (super proud of Team GB but loving everything else because why not) as well as my fictional shows. Bojack Horseman season 3 was amazing, I finally concluded Person of Interest, Mr Robot is so tense and Suits is… meh. It’s reaching a point where it’s a hate watch. I haven’t watched a lot of films lately, the latest being Finding Dory by myself – a great film but unnecessary sequel. For novels, I just collected my Harry Potter and the Cursed Child copy (I lived the play so it isn’t needed) and I am currently reading It’s Kind of a Funny Story.

As for makeup, I have been finishing products as well as disposing a couple that just didn’t agree with me so I had to let go of them – heck, I even made a spreadsheet of my makeup collection. The latest splurge has been the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation (¬£29.50) – it has been the one product I have been eyeing for the past couple of months, and I did say I didn’t need it because I have many other foundations already but urgh, I’ve been sad so at that moment, I just wanted to relieve my sadness.

That’s all that I can think of in terms of updates, I will most likely take my laptop back home so I can edit a video for one of the societies I am a part of, as well as write a script – seriously, where did this summer go? I am looking forward to going back to university and finally do assignments which count towards my final grade. Have a great day!



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