Hello and a very belated Eid Mubarak! I decided to write this post after I had my week off at home with my family so it wasn’t rushed before I left Norwich! In my previous post, I spoke about my no buy July as inspired by the subreddit MakeUpRehab so a quick update on that is: so far I haven’t bought anything makeup related, I repurchased the Body Shop cleansing oil, and I finished my Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation! I hope to continue this for the rest of the summer and I will definitely check in at the end of July as a month review. Now most of these products were bought around payday so literally the end of June with the exception of my new sunglasses(!!!) and I just wanted to write a haul post ūüôā


I can see why a lot of American beauty lovers love NYX – they’re really good quality makeup at the drugstore. Since I have decided to buy cruelty free makeup (well, try my best), I have been finding replacements for current products in my collection once they run out. The three products I bought were the brow tinted gel mascara (¬£5.50), soft matte lip cream in Abu Dhabi (¬£5.50) and the lip lingerie lipstick in Ruffle Trim (¬£6.50). The latter aren’t exactly replacements but with so much hype around the lip creams, I just had to see what it was about. It is really comfortable but it obviously doesn’t last that long during the day, so I don’t wear it for work. However, I love the lip lingerie – the formula is way better than the liquid suede. The YouTuber who convinced me to buy this is Stephanie Nicole, who is super honest and has a liquid lipstick series, so do check it out! It lasts all day without being drying.


So last month, I had the sudden urge to just buy a powder foundation because you know, getting oily lately and I wanted to add more coverage. Without causing a dent on my bank account, I decided to buy the EX1 Crushed Mineral Foundation because I already have the Invisiwear Liquid Foundation. It’s alright so far, but I don’t know if it’s really doing anything. The second product I was is crazy hyped, and a lot more on the pricier side of my haul. Cult Beauty was doing a limited time free delivery with no minimum purchase so I put on my big boy pants and bought the beauty blender. To try and justify my purchase, I looked at it in two different ways. The first being it was an Eid/payday treat to myself after working my ass off constantly during June whilst fasting and it being the first full month after the end of university. Secondly, I bought the beauty blender kit which included two sponges and the cleanser – if I bought them individually, it would have cost ¬£47 but instead I bought it for ¬£33. I’m still saving money! I took one when I went home, and honestly I do see the hype, I do not look cakey at all and it doesn’t absorb as much product as the Real Techniques sponge. However, I still think it’s expensive so this is a once in a blue moon!

Finally, this was a July purchase¬†but¬†I really wanted these. The Quay X Desi sunglasses arrived in the UK! I was stalking hard for these, I had my eyes set on the ‘TYSM’ shades because of its unique shape for me and I love Desi. I knew High Key got sold out quite quickly so they announced a restock which I am happy to hear! The great thing about retailers like ASOS is that they offer a student discount so I saved some monies as well as free delivery.

I haven’t been posting as much because of work and whatnot but I’ll try to write another one soon! I think my next one will be product empties or what I want to empty by the time university starts in September within the next week or whenever I have time. But for the rest of July, there are so many TV shows coming back/on Netflix! So I’m going to enjoy watching them during the evening now that the football has ended and the Olympics isn’t happening until August. Hope you all have a wonderful day today and enjoy your summer!




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