Hello and welcome back to my blog! I want to start by apologising for not blogging as often during this month, I was quite busy with work and I have also been watching the Euros 2016 – damn England, back at it again with the defeats. Furthermore, I will either have a haul post coming up this weekend or after next week because I will be going home for Eid and to see my friends and family, there are only 3/4 fasts left (depending on the Lunar cycle), how crazy is that?! The reason why I am postponing my haul post because I want to get all of my latest products together with first impressions/quick reviews and as to why I bought them – it is dominantly going to be makeup. But for now, I want to write this post.

This month, I read a lovely book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, and although the title may be self-explanatory, it is a book on how to tidy and more importantly, declutter things you don’t need. A quick context is that my mum is a crazy hoarder, which does have an impact on my mood when I am home because I just think it’s money gone to waste so I try my hardest not to hoard things – this includes spring cleans, constant donations to charities (after four years, I have let go of my prom dress). However, in the past year/academic year or so, I have fallen into the trap of impulse buys, so whilst I use everything I buy, I don’t necessarily need them. Naturally, they have all been makeup and a few other junk (even food – and I hate wasting food). This summer, I am hoping to change that, so from July, I am going to go on a ‘no buy’ month unless they are things that I deem practical or if I am replacing a product (which is where makeup falls under – and to be fair, there’s nothing to be replaced).

This was strongly inspired by the subreddit MakeUpRehab, where a lot of users set themselves targets as well as check ins, and posting images of their minimalist beauty collection. I am halfway through my university career, so I need to be super serious and start saving for the future and stuff (super scary to say!) thus having a huge collection is no longer ideal for me, but while I admire others like Beauty Gurus having that for their jobs, it’s not needed. With regards with my ‘No Buy July’, there is only one item that is excluded because it is limited edition and that are the QuayXDesi sunglasses range which I am patiently waiting to drop on ASOS on the coming Tuesday. A product that I really want but realistically it’s not what I need is the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation: I have five foundations already, adding another is not going to be beneficial nor healthy. So my upcoming haul post will be my last haul for a while.

I am not saying that buying loads of products is a bad thing, everything is a personal experience and for me, I just want to start focusing on my non-existent fitness and my skincare from July (exercising during Ramadan is something I have been afraid to do so I’ll postpone it until after my week off work). As for food, I have cut down on buying ridiculous things but I do have my sudden cravings of chocolate offers and Pringles, but I hope to get into smoothies with my frozen batches of fruit. And as a payday treat, I treated myself to a new pair of Toms and denim dungarees that I wore for the KAOS Fashion Show earlier this year. It doesn’t help that there are so many sales going on right now but for anything else that isn’t going to benefit my learning, career, or health? Throw right out of the window.

As for the rest of July, we are in the midst of summer blockbusters and what better way than to watch The BFG and Finding Dory this month? Unfortunately for us Brits, we won’t receive any of the films until the end of the month but we did watch Civil War earlier so I guess I’ll let that go. Eid is likely to fall either on Tuesday and Wednesday so I am hoping to be home them, so if you don’t hear from me this weekend, you will definitely hear from me after next week. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

You can buy The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying here:



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