Tonight is the first night that I am staying up for the pre-dawn meal (suhoor) for Ramadan – it’s going to be the 14th fast! Almost halfway there. I just feel like writing a blog post and since my introduction to Reddit, there have been some growing discontent on brand collaborations with beauty gurus on YouTube, particularly with the recent Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop product range with BECCA, which lead to the withdrawals of the eyeshadow palette. That being said, I want to write about the products that I currently own and the products that have been on my wishlist that are influenced by YouTube beauty gurus. This isn’t part of my YouTube Made Me Buy It, but it kind of is at the same time.

  1. My first ever purchase was the Gerard Cosmetic Lipstick in the shade 1995, created by Jaclyn Hill. There was so much hype around them last summer and when I discovered that they do free shipping from their main site pre-Beauty Bay days, I thought why not. I can see why it’s such an appealing colour because it’s definitely more wearable than the ever popular MAC Velvet Teddy without washing me out, but I’m not a huge fan of the formula. However, shortly after I bought my lipstick, Jaclyn announced that she will be no longer affiliated with Gerard Cosmetics so she’s no longer associated with 1995 but I am still counting it towards my youtube collab products.
  2. Another Jaclyn Hill related product. I think the reason why I have bought two products from her collaboration is because they are the most accessible here in the UK but this time, it is the ever popular BECCA Shimmer Skin Pressed in Champagne Pop. I bought it around the time it was announced that it was part of the permanent range so I was in no rush. It’s hella expensive but if you did warm highlighters, this is a great choice.
  3. My favourite one is the BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette. I am still subscribed to her on YouTube and I am glad I got my hands on this. I wear it for work days because it saves time to go through my makeup to get eyeshadows and highlight/bronzer when it’s all in one. My first palette broke but their customer service was so quick to response and i received my replacement within a week (bear in mind international shipping from the west coast I imagine) and the shades are so versatile.

I have to clear up that I am no longer subscribed to Jaclyn Hill – it’s nothing personal against her (it never is) but I have found other YouTubers that I watch more and find thier makeup looks more appealing. I’ve been more wary about YouTube collaborations because of how hyped they are so I don’t buy them if they are limited edition (I don’t know if Carli Bybel’s palette is LE) but there are a few products, both permanent and limited, that I am interested in buying.

Anything with KathleenLights: she is one of my favourite YouTubers and her Snapchat declutter series have been one of my favourites. Her two notable collaborations with ColourPop and OFRA have been what I am quite eager to buy but unable to because neither have a distributor in the UK like BeautyBay or CultBeauty. While I have found one for ColourPop, I haven’t found anything for OFRA which sucks because Miami Fever looks like a unique colour that I haven’t encountered.

Quay Australia X Desi Perkins: This is what inspired me to write this post. I have wanted Ray Bans for a long time but even with the student discount, I can’t justified the price. Quay advertise themselves as affordable and I didn’t know how affordable they were saying until I saw it on ASOS retailing from at most £40. TYSM are the shades that I really want to buy but I don’t know if ASOS are going to stock them since they are limited edition but there are the Chrisspy collab on their site so I can only assume.

Surprisingly, I thought I had more on my mind in terms of what products are on my wishlist in regards to beauty guru collaborations but surprisingly, there isn’t any! I think I have become more conscious on what I spend my money on albeit being on things I don’t really need…

Are there any products that are YouTube collaborated that you are excited for? Please let me know! Here in the UK, I hope you have a great night but elsewhere, have a wonderful day.



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