The main purpose of our mini holiday in London was because of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which has been planned since October 2015 and I went with all but one of my housemates and my old flatmate from halls. I wanted to write this post to illustrate my experience when we went to see the preview screenings of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child from our time in London and getting to see the play itself.

Part one was on Saturday and part two was on Tuesday, so there was a bit of a gap and they were both evening performances. The showing was at 7.30pm and the ticket said we had to be in the queue at around 6.30pm. For part one, we did arrive on time, but the queue went all the way around the building that we found ourselves at the same spot we arrived. Once we got in, there was another queue for the merchandise which I didn’t go into until we saw part two. A quick disclaimer: we had the cheapest seats so on our tickets, it does say restricted viewing but honestly, the fact that we had the opportunity to see the previews, it didn’t matter. Our seats were at the highest floor so the walk to the top via stairs was a bit tiring but once we got there, it was great. There was a really cool announcer who said to switch off our phones and during the interval, ice cream was being sold. One thing I was surprised about was that we were allowed to bring in water from outside which is something that I’m not used to with gigs. Anyway, at the end of part one and two, we received a pin which says #keepthesecrets.

Going onto part two, we arrived about 20 minutes before the play was going to start but since many arrived on time, the queue was a lot shorter and in all fairness, it goes so quickly to enter the Palace Theatre so we were inside within 5 minutes. I spoke to one of the workers on buying merchandise and she told me that the intervals are really quiet so I bought a T-Shirt and the exclusive content of the play (which all but one of us bought anyway). Part two did feel a lot shorter but because the first part left on such a cliffhanger as well being the development part (Eg. deathly hallows part one and two) so naturally, everything went down. Coincidentally, we had the exact same seats for part two which I liked. It is the second play in my life that I have seen and I think to make this story into a play rather than a film made such a difference because the experience is way more different and to some extent, a great value for money especially since there is no screen and the fact that it’s live action. Live action films are completely different to live action plays and furthermore, the special effects/production is way more appreciated.


I know I am waffling and it’s hard to understand what I am saying but I think I’m just appreciating the theatre for what it is, and since I am now earning my own money, I hope to see more plays – on top of my list is the Lion King. If you are a huge Harry Potter fan and you couldn’t get your hands on the play, then I totally recommend pre-ordering the script for the play – I have done so. Have a wonderful day!



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