Happy Ramadan to everyone who is fasting and taking part in this holy month! As I am writing this, I am on my second fast and according to BBC, this year is the longest in 33 years – how crazy is that?! Anyway, today is a post about my ColourPop Haul! In the UK, it is nearly impossible to get this popular brand because they do not ship to the UK on their official site, but there are loopholes that work around that. The biggest one is using a third party company that provides an American address (presumably their warehouse) so they can ship it overseas to here albeit with a customs charge. I know they’re a given for anything over £15 but the idea of paying more money still hurts so I googled ‘ColourPop UK’ in the search bar and I found a blog post where the blogger didn’t use that method but instead found a UK website: Lustre Cosmetics. But it comes with a catch.

ColourPop sells their ultra matte liquid lipsticks for $6 which equates to £4.12 but Lustre Cosmetics sells them for £10 which equates to $14.55 which is a lot for one liquid lipstick but there are obviously reasons as to why it’s highly priced. To start off, it’s a brand that is in high demand but not accessible. A second reason which affects the way we see prices even in department stores (MAC is cheaper in the US than here in the UK for example) is the VAT which is always included in every price. I honestly don’t know if Lustre Cosmetics is an official retailer for ColourPop but it is the most accessible. With that being said, I’ll go onto the haul.

To start off, in the ColourPop FAQ page as to why they spelt colour the way they did, their answer is ‘because [they’re] cool’. In the UK, that is how we spell colour anyway so I was just merh about that. I really wanted the KathleenLights collab products (Where the Light/Night Is, Lumiere and Aquarius/Taurus lipsticks) but out of them all, I only got Aquarius lip liner (though I initially ordered the lippie stix so I am waiting to hear from Lustre Cosmetics about that). Personally, I wanted Taurus because that is my horoscope sign but Aquarius is a really nice colour especially for the summer whereas I would have worn Taurus in winter as it is more brown. On the website, the ultra matte liquid lipsticks were on sale for £8 so I nabbed just one colour – I didn’t want to bulk buy because I already have a lot of lipsticks that I like/wear already and I am trying to cut down on the colour range since they are all so similar! It was hard to tell what shade I wanted (Lumiere 2 was sold out) so I went on YouTube and saw the swatches on ReadySetGlamour because her skin tone is probably the closest to mine so I have a good indication on how the lip shades would look on me. I originally picked Tulle but I knew that the Kylie Lip Kits have been criticised for being repackaged ColourPop so I looked into the dupe shades for the kits and Dolce K (the colour that I was attracted to the most) was similar to ColourPop’s Beeper, so I settled for that shade. I have worn it to work a few times and I do really like it, I do find that it does transfer a bit but surprisingly it’s not as drying as I anticipated.

For eyeshadows (which is probably their most hyped product), I bought a collab set than individuals because again, I didn’t know what I was after. All but one was sold out and it was the Jaime King #Alchemy collection. To start off, I have only seen Jaime King in Sin City (2005) but that is it – couldn’t care less about anything else (I am not about those celebrity following lives). It was on sale from £35 to £30 which worked out to be £5 per pot which to me was a great deal but obviously ColourPop sells it at $30 which is way cheaper (damn exchange rates). I personally prefer buying set eyeshadows than creating my own but if you’re the opposite, that’s totally great! I am actually keeping the box it came in because I find it to be really sturdy and it immediately organises the ColourPop shadows.

Top: Mini Highlighters and Blush. Bottom: Eyeshadows
L-R: Pretty Bonnes, The Golden Child, Thames, Alchemy, Vanity Fair, Knight

Obviously, finger swatches are completely different to brush swatches, so they actually aren’t as pigmented with a brush than with finger – but it’s because of how creamy the texture is. Out of all of the shades, Knight (the black shade) picked up really nicely with a liner brush because I used it as a smoky eyeliner. I do think the shades are beautiful, as I have used Alchemy if I just want a wash of colour on my lids. But as for the blush and highlighters, I prefer my powdered compacts of Sleek and the Balm.

Are you still on the ColourPop train and have any recommendations? Please let me know! I am hoping to do some food blogs as inspired by BuzzFeed (and many other bloggers sourced by them) for Ramadan as it is my first one away from home so I have more freedom to decide what I can make for my breakfast/dinner. Have a wonderful day! 🙂



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