This Friday, it was my birthday. I am no longer in my teens and right now, I am OK with it. Unless I screw up then the panic will settle in. I’ll be updating this post (if you want) with more photos but for now, this is what I got from my wonderful friends at university because I am currently at home in Leicester for a week since I’m not going home for the four month summer.

My wishlist

Since living in halls, the original flatmates would do a joint gift with a rough limit per person because students. I knew this was going to happen to me so I had an idea on what I wanted and plus I’m not fond of surprises since my reaction goes either horribly wrong or complete overwhelm. The two main things I wanted from my housemates nee flatmates was a yankee candle and a makeup book by Bobbi Brown. From anyone else, I wasn’t expecting anything because their attendance at my BBQ (which was a fail I might add) was enough for me.



I knew my Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual was a given, I sent the link to my housemate! But I didn’t get a Yankee Candle. Instead, I got a Tinkerbell sticky note set (not seen in picture because I misplaced it temporarily) because I love Tinkerbell and a £10 MAC gift card which I was not expecting at all, so I’ll probably be buying MAC Fix+ as well as putting money on top of it. Our house has gotten an extension so in the new contract year, there will be seven of us from five and one of my new housemates bought me flowers! I’m not a flower gal but the gesture was so sweet because I wasn’t expecting that. Just like the rest of my gifts! My other new housemate couldn’t come to the main event but she arrived before and gave me a cupcake and a bracelet and the cupcake was tasty.

From other people outside my housemates, a couple of my friends bought me a box of chocolates so that’s going to be my snack time in the next weeks or so (maybe I’ll share it with my girls…). Another present was the graphic novel Persepolis and while it is an incredible gift, I actually bought a copy in Easter so if anyone is interested in a copy of Persepolis (the one I bought and not my gift one) then please let me know!!! From work, one of my beautiful colleagues bought me a strawberry shaped photo frame and a cactus shaped candle which is really cute. But the most surprising present came from my coursemates.

My degree consists of 13 or 14 students. There aren’t many of us so 9 of them came to my birthday party on Friday. When they gave me my wrapped gift, I was just expecting a box of chocolates but they completely threw me off. They bought me the Urban Decay Through the Looking Glass eyeshadow palette. On a student budget, that’s hella pricey so I wasn’t even considering to buy it myself. So when I saw it, I was so surprised. The palette is so beautiful and I was not expecting it at all. So yes, it was a brilliant birthday! 

I hope you guys have a brilliant day, to those have any exams, good luck and I hope you have a fantastic summer (or winter in the Southern hemisphere!)



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