Waheey for mid week posts! It has been a week since I submitted my final assignment, 9 days till my birthday, and honestly I have nothing better to do in the meantime. I have been meaning to get this on the get go since I did my foundation collection (which surprisingly, hasn’t expanded since), so here is my palette collection, from eyeshadow to contour. A few of them have been previously mentioned so I won’t repeat my thoughts on them, so I’ll just link the previous posts where they are featured. Any other recommendations are more than welcome.

I’ll start with the most recent arrival to my collection: the Carli Bybel Palette ($14.50). It was $12.50 for a limited time so I bought it then, but then there are the international shipping rates and the currency conversion so I spent $18 which equalled to £12.91 according to my Paypal account. Yay for affordable products which doesn’t require a customs charge! However, as mentioned in my previous post, two of the highlight shades broke so they are kindly sending me a replacement. I think this palette is really good for those starting out in makeup without causing a dent in your bank account, and while arm swatches aren’t the most accurate, I can guarantee that the highlight shades are incredibly pigmented with a brush.


My other semi-new purchase is the Sleek Cream Contour Kit (£10.99). I have never been this excited about a new product since NYX was landing in the UK (so not that long ago). I love Sleek products, their contour kit (not the face form which includes a blush) is still my everyday contour because it’s compact and easy to handle through my makeup drawer, and there’s a shade for every person. I haven’t done cream contouring before (though it’s been done on me with concealers) so this was a new experience so it took me a while to get used to it. I am not feeling the highlight shades but there’s always room for improvement!

The next three products are going to be included in my YouTube Made Me Buy It posts so I won’t go too into them here. First, the NYX Contour Kit (£18) is a really good affordable option for those who do not want to spend £39/$40 on the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kits. The shades are universal and the pans seem to be refillable. The Urban Decay Naked 2 (£38.50) palette was my first high end purchase and although I love the idea of being a collector of the Naked Palettes, it’s not something I can justify. For a full matte eyeshadow palette, Tarte Tartelette (£34) has a great range of colours for everyday and special occasions. I use this to set my eye primers or use a soft crease colour especially with the range of warm, cool and purple tones. While the highlight shades can feel chalky, the packaging is the best selling point, in my opinion.

pan size comparison

My current favourite eyeshadow palette because it was the most surprising is the Zoeva Nude Spectrum palette (£28.50). Beauty Bay has increased all of the prices for Zoeva but the prices for the Spectrum palettes haven’t changed so if you want to get your hands on it with free delivery, check it out! I have talked about this palette so if you want to read my first impressions, check out this post. My final palette that I’ll briefly discuss is the Manizer sisters, I think this was a limited edition at Christmas, but they are still available as individual compacts. Obviously, my favourite is Mary Lou, but I am so glad I have Betty Lou because it is such a pretty bronzer (too dark for me to highlight) so I use it when I want a glowy skin day, particularly as we are getting near the sunny weather. Overall, this palette is really good for travelling because it has the three shades needed for the luminous look as well as a small mirror.

If there are any palette recommendations you would like to share, do let me know! I apologise if they’re not in enough depth if you are considering to buy any of them but don’t hesitate to ask further questions! Hope you’ve enjoyed this post and have a great day.





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