Yesterday, I moved back to university home (the term used without upsetting my mother by calling another place home) and this past weekend was a family wedding. Being South Asian, weddings are the norm because let’s face it, it’s never going out of fashion. To be precise, it was my dad’s first cousin who got married so family these close related weddings are my jam with minimal awkwardness. For her wedding, I got my makeup done by a professional makeup artist at the Urban Decay counter in Selfridges. Previously, I have done my makeup done professionally but by freelancers so this was a new and great experience for me. Basically, what they do is that there’s a base price to get your makeup done, but that figure is redeemable against a select amount of products. So for me, my makeup cost £35, redeemable against three products. However, I went a bit over by £5 because let’s face it, you can’t exactly get three Urban Decay products for £35. Here are the products that I chose to buy.

Using my Panasonic Lumix G7 camera 🙂 

These were part of my makeup, so I bought the Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer (£17.50), travel size Eyeshadow Primer Potion (£8), and the Revolution High Colour Lip Gloss (£15). I already have a lot of their primer potion samples so I’ll probably use those first before using this one, as well as a few concealer samples. I’m not a lip gloss kind of gal but I really liked the pigmentation and longevity of the lip gloss. Here was my makeup (and outfit of the day).

When your mother is a sari hoarder…

I looked orange during the day and it wasn’t due to the bronzer, it was due to the foundation. She used shade 7.0 and if you’ve read my previous post, I had found it too orange, despite protest. Nevertheless, I think she was compensating through the use of highlighting with concealer and powder for brightening. As we were going for a black and gold smoky eye, I was surprised that she didn’t use the Smoky Palette but instead the Naked 2 which is the palette that I own, which is a bonus so I can recreate with the exact same shades. Furthermore, the makeup artist really concealed my acne scars and spots well without making it feel really heavy. For lashes, I used my own lashes; HudaBeauty in Coco Jo.

If you have any important events coming up and you want to be dolled up, I would totally recommend an in-store counter (I know that MAC is the most popular brand for this method) because you do get your money’s worth through purchases as well as getting your makeup done, whereas with a freelance artist, you’re just paying to get your makeup done professionally. However, if the event requires your responsibility, then a freelance makeup artist is perfect as they work around you rather than vice versa – and you can get your makeup done in the comfort of your own home and pyjamas. I hope you all have a great day, I know I will in the library because I did shit all during my Easter break regarding my essays.



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