I was going to try and do a spoiler free review but it is difficult, so if you do want to watch this film then please scroll over! For this film, I went to Birmingham (nothing special, just have family there) and watched Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in IMAX 3D. There’s no IMAX cinema in my hometown and the only film I have watched in IMAX so far was Interstellar, and I find 3D to be a gimmick, unless it’s Gravity. Those who know me, knows that I am into my superheroes and comic books but I was never excited for this film, on multiple grounds. One, I dislike Zack Snyder (the director). Two, it felt like a panic production due to the constant success of MCU. Three, the casting was questionable – particularly Gal Gadot, who I don’t think is a good actress to start off with.

I didn’t like it. There were soooo many flaws with this film and the first one was the length – 2 hour 30 minutes??? It could have easily been at least 30 minutes shorter. Another issue but it could be due to how I watched the film was that it was too loud (what, a cinema, too loud? OH THE HORRORS), it hurt my ears and I had a headache afterwards. ANOTHER issue (this is going to be recurring just a warning) was that, there were too many plots going on at the same time – to name a few: the repercussions of Man of Steel for Superman, Batman wanting revenge (I think?), what should have been a separate film of the DAWN OF JUSTICE BECAUSE IT CLEARLY WASN’T, and Doomsday. The latter should have entirely been a separate film because Doomsday is that big, and the last half hour or so was based on Death of Superman, a comic that I own. By the first hour, I got bored – started yawning, kept checking my phone – because there was too much development for various plots. Also, it showed how much of a liability Batman was, and I was really confused on who the main protagonist was: Batman or Superman??? Personally, I don’t think the IMAX or 3D was worth it, because Snyder is obsessed with making America’s sweetheart incredibly dark – literally with a dark filter. The hyped fight between Batman vs Superman was an anti-climax, because ironically their mothers have the same first name (MARTHA) so all is forgiven. That in itself should have been another film because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to see that battle. In reference, they used the Dark Knight Returns which is one of my favourite graphic novels ever yet they didn’t execute it well enough.

I will probably update this post every now and then because of what else I can remember BUT with many bad points, there were some good points. This is based on the characters/actors than the story because that was all over the place. I liked Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne, for an old guy. I am in the minority when I say that I liked Jesse Eisenburg’s Lex Luthor! Maybe it’s because I like Eisenburg as an actor so I was feeling favourable towards him. Everyone else felt mediocre, I know there was a lot of praise for Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman (I am not Gadot’s biggest fan despite loving Wonder Woman) but she was underused in the film, overused in the trailers.

In other good news, I have a camera! I have the Panasonic Lumix G7, which has the ability to shoot 4K so I hope after my deadlines are completed, I can start filming a couple of projects! I hope you have a good day and had a wonderful Easter!



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