This weekend was an event after event. In a summary: Friday was our house party, Saturday was a gig and we saw Foxes (who is absolutely beautiful), and the main focus of this post is about the 9th Annual KAOS Fashion Show! This is a society part of my university (UEA) which is a charity organisation and they do a fashion every year to model a range of brands and independent designers. I modelled for New Look, a shop which – as one might say – I’m loyal to. I had my hair and make-up done too by professional people which was lovely because I was asking them many questions about how they got to the position they are today.

Directly underneath the lighting

The face chart said : “blue eyes, strong blush, flawless face, and a natural lip.” BLUE EYES?? Even now I am still confused and the lady doing my make-up kind of agreed too. I did my own foundation (Benefit Hello Flawless in Beige), concealer and powder (Maybelline Age Rewind in Light and Rimmel Stay Matte powder) – I used my friend’s concealer as I forgot to bring mine. I was so grateful that my make-up artist gave me cheeks via bronzer and contour (she used the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit!!!) and used the ABH illuminator to highlight – again, fangirling. For lips, I asked to use my own lipstick (MAC Taupe) so that I can touch up during the night rather than the lipstick they were going to put on (a Dior lipstick I think). The other request that I made was to fill my eyebrows because one is shorter than the other, and whilst my eyebrow game is hella strong, it still needs to look framed. From what I can remember (and see) is that she extended the length of my eyebrows, and filled in certain areas. As I quote her: “good definition, shaping is the target area”. For hair, our look was big voluminous waves, though I call it curly than wavy – and I was given a middle parting, a trend I would have never considered!!! Onto the outfit, or ‘OOTN’.

Outfit, not the face.

Luckily, I wore dungarees, because I hate hate hate showing my legs (did I say hate enough times?). The one item I would change but only because it’s not something I wear is the cold shoulder top. It looks strange seeing the peeping labels but obviously we had to give it back (perks of a student fashion show!). If you’re interested in any item of clothing from this picture, then they are part of the new Spring collection so it should be under there. To end my post, here is the best photo I had of Foxes – there was a really tall guy standing in front of me so I eventually gave up taking photos. 🙂



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