This morning I watched Kaushal Beauty’s video from yesterday about her 15 Beauty Hacks (see: and one of her hacks is pretty much my post. But since it’s a well known ‘hack’, I just wanted to share how and what products I use to clean my makeup brushes. Now, I wear makeup every day (yes, everyday) so I have to clean my brushes a bit more frequent than my housemates who are blessed with incredible skin. Let’s go straight into the products.

20160301_101005[1]Everyone knows about the Sigma cleaning mat, but it’s incredibly pricey for a rubber mat/glove (£25/$32). Real Techniques (£12.99/$15) have come out with their own mat at the start of this year but again, there are still cheaper alternatives that can do just the job. I bought mine from Amazon for £3! Yes, and it was free delivery too. Currently on Amazon, it is unavailable (see: but if you use eBay more, then by all means do check it out! It does an incredible job and because its silicone, the brush hairs don’t fall out.

As for the massive bottle, I bought it on the recommendation of another Youtuber, Lily Pebbles. I must say, there are some recommendations that do not work for me but thankfully, this one has my full support. It is the Dr Bronner’s 18 in 1 Hemp Green Tea Pure Castile Liquid Soap 946ml but we can round it up to 1 litre. I have used it since September and it’s just below the top part of the label – a little goes a long way. I bought it from FeelUnique (see: and the good thing about the website is that they do frequent discounts (I bought mine with a 10% discount) as well as student discounts every now and then so yay for saving money!

I hope this post helps in one way or another, I am still trying to get back into writing posts without making it into an essay by using fancy words and I hope the links work! If not, I’ll learn from this experience to improve my ways. Other than that, have a great day!



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