This is the third time I have started, deleted and re-started a blog. This could be another experiment gone wrong, who knows. I was inspired (again) to start a blog after I went to a careers event called ‘Working with Words’, and the fellow alumni had suggested writing a blog to make yourself be experienced in writing at a level that captures the attention of ordinary readers. But with the rise of bloggers, vloggers, Youtube, the whole lot – how do you make yourself stand out?

I will try to stick with this page (though it took me a while just to come up with a name for it, even now I’m questioning my choices), so I can see how things go on what content I can write about, the quality of the content, and even to improve my writing skills for future essays. For now, here is a quick introduction.

I am Tamanna, 19 turning 20 in May. I study BA Film and History at the University of East Anglia (known as UEA, will use the abbreviation from now on). These ‘aspiring goals’ that I hope to achieve are to become a documentary filmmaker, what area I have not decided yet. Nevertheless, I have several other interests and hobbies that I hope to write about here and I am planning to categorise them on my menu. Other than that, have a great day.



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