Quick visit to London

Ever since I have started university, gained some freedom, and made some friends, I have been going to London every summer. Last summer, I went to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in the theatre as part of their previews. I went home for over a week and before I headed back to Norwich to work for the summer, I visited London for a couple of days (one night) to see my friends and some family members – as one of my cousins lives in London and another had planned this trip to see her and her own friends (being Asian, you just have so many cousins that it’s just another useless word). Continue reading


Update and ELF haul

Edit: I’ve been re-arranging my blog (still too cheap to buy a domain), and decided to take some product shots just now. Hope you enjoy them! 

I’m FREEE…. Until September. A month after my last post, I finished my exams (it was only two, but I have not done exams since A2/final year of sixth form or pre-college for anyone outside the UK), and now I am home for 10 days celebrating the last week of Ramadan and Eid. I am going to London next week to see my friends and family too and then July is going to be filled with graduations, so it’ll be a lot of travelling back and forth home and university. Nonetheless, I wanted to shoe horn in a small haul from ELF (eyeslipsface) as they were promoting a 50% off everything on their website and I really wanted to try their things as well. I have bought their HD powder before but I found myself going back and forth with the product because I preferred the RCMA No Color powder because there was no flashback.  Continue reading


Barcelona in Pictures

It’s been a while since I last posted! Life and university caught up with me, and I’m now in the final stretch of my second year of university (technically my third, with my foundation year, but second on my course!). As an early birthday and post-deadline celebration, I went to Barcelona for a few days last week, and it was absolutely beautiful. I noticed a lot of people have been travelling there this year, and rightly so, so if you ever need or want to go on a short or spontaneous getaway (on the basis that you live in Europe or near there), then Barcelona is the way to go! I turned 21 on Saturday 20th, I received wonderful gifts, also known as gifts that I asked for because I don’t fare well with surprises, and now I have reached revision season for two exams that do not start until June. It’s potentially the last exams I’ll ever take in education for now, but I hope it goes well as it will go towards my final degree. Without further ado, here are some pictures from Barcelona, shot on the Panasonic Lumix G7, 14-45mm lens (the standard lens that came with the camera). Continue reading

KAOS Fashion Show 2017!

Hello and happy Easter break! For schools, it is the start of the 2 week break whereas I am halfway through my break. I came back to Leicester last week for two weeks for my cousin’s wedding as I am bridesmaid so it has been quite relaxing until I have to start doing my university work from Monday on-wards. Anyway, last year, I took part in the KAOS fashion show at my university (here) and modelled for New Look. This year, I modelled for Lady B Loves, a vintage clothing line in Norwich. We got our makeup done by makeup artists of Charlotte Tilbury and my look was the ‘dolce vita’ face chart, consisting of purple eyeshadow and eyeliner. Continue reading


Jessops Level 2 Photography course

Yesterday marked the end of the semester for our four week Easter break – we still have teaching afterwards for another 3-4 weeks. Today, I went to a Jessops Level 2 Photography course in the Norwich store as I did my level one in Cambridge in April last year! It was a great experience, especially because I have no prior photography experience and I want to be familiar with my camera for both photography and film. As I buy most, if not, all of my equipment from Jessops because of how reliable they are (I bought a Rode Mic from Amazon and the wire didn’t work…) so sometimes you have to pay a bit extra to get the most reliable products. I have a few more on my wishlist over Easter and hopefully for my birthday but without further ado, here is my experience of today in words. Continue reading


Paris in Pictures

Hello! It has been a while since I last posted (I was going to do a post last week but I forgot lol lol) and what better way than to talk about my short visit to Paris during Fashion Week! I went with the UEA Fashion Society and out of the 13, 5 were myself and housemates. It was the first time we travelled abroad together as we did go to London frequently over the summer and despite the short stay, it was fun! I was not too bummed out on missing any landmarks as I am actually going to Paris again in September (I love my September holidays!) where the weather will hopefully be a lot better. Without further ado, here are some of my photos taken on my Panasonic Lumix G7 and my Google Pixel. Continue reading